Green Coffee – Tailored Service

Behind the Motto

In 2016, over 95 million bags of green, Arabica coffee were traded on the international market.  Research estimates that 10 percent of this trade made up the specialty coffee sector.

What does this mean? Smallholder coffee farmers are producing prized nano and micro-lots increasingly sought after by “third wave” roasters around the world, yet much of their income is still generated from second and third-tier coffee production.  

At ATH, we are working to build an independent and transparent platform which offers exemplary micro-lots (86+) and specially selected high-premium (84+) lots to the marketplace. Working together with roasters, ATH strives to find exceptional coffees tailored to meet our customer’s needs. In doing so, small and medium-size roasters will have an opportunity to expand their greens portfolio while still being able to tell the farmer’s story.  

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