FREE SHIPPING on all local purchases above 95 TL. Code: ATHSHIP
FREE SHIPPING on all local purchases above 95 TL. Code: ATHSHIP
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Arabica Trading House

Our Company: 

Established in 2017, Arabica Trading House is a green coffee import company specializing in the trade of Coffea Arabica.  Hence our name! 

We offer an independent and transparent platform to roasters purchasing specialty and high-premium Arabica coffees.  With partnerships throughout producing regions,  ATH selects exclusive micro-lots from smallholder farmers, cooperatives and exporters in Africa, Central & South America and the Indian-Pacific.  

Based in Istanbul, we look forward to working with roasters in Turkey and emerging markets throughout West Asia including Azerbaijan, the GCC and Iran.

Our Team:

 Martell Mason, founder and purchasing director, has been indirectly connected to coffee for over 15 years. Whether working as a Barista or being a regular patron to specialty cafes around the world, coffee has always been in arms reach.  In 2013, academic fieldwork took him to East Africa(Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia).  For the next three years, producer relationships were built and a passion for improving the lives of smallholder farmers was strengthened.  From 2016-17, Martell worked with one of Norway's most prominent specialty green coffee importers.  Realizing a need for transparent, high-quality coffee in West Asia, Martell left Oslo to start Arabica Trading House in Istanbul.  With a life-long love for coffee and the determination to be a force within the specialty coffee sector, he looks forward to creating a platform which brings together farmers, roasters and consumers. 

Gamze Yuksek is a new addition to Istanbul’s coffee community.  Gradutating from Sakarya University with a degree in Physics, Gamze has found a new love within the specialty coffee sector.  A person who loves traveling and adventures, Gamze enjoys a challenge.  She has quickly understood the foundations of green coffee and sensory analysis and has become a leader in our greens department. In addition to pursuing grading certifications in the near future, we look forward to seeing her take over markets in Istanbul and Ankara.