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Colombia, Huila Regional 70KG - GREEN
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Colombia, Huila Regional 70KG - GREEN

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Region: Huila Province

Sub-region: La Argentina

Variety/ies:  Caturra, Castillo


Altitude:1750- 1900 m

Annual mean rainfall:1700~1800 mm


Number of Smallholders:  90


Cup Profile: Stone fruits, medium body, chocolate, mild citrus 

Score: 85


Farmer Background

ASOGUAR stands for the Association of Forest Ranger Families of La Argentina province. This group of 90 coffee farmers produce coffee between 1750 m and 2100 masl. The association was established in 2006 with an aim to promote coffee growing to the smallholder communities rather than producing crops for the illegal drugs trade. The cooperative has a strong focus on environmental conservation and the belief is that coffee cultivation is the way to achieve this by counteracting the effects of illicit drug production and the sale of timber in the area.

Most of the coffee from the group is Caturra, but many of the smallholders also have produce Castillo, Bourbon, Tipica and Colombia varieties.  This regional mix consist of both Caturra and Castillo. As a mixed coffee, these lots produce 84-85 point coffees with great complexity and body with citrus fruits and a sweet finish.

Exporter Background:

Colors of Nature(CNC) was established in 2007 by Felipe Ramirez as a pilot project to educate coffee farmers in impoverished/conflict regions of southern Colombia on cultivating quality coffee.  They have succeeded in implementing modern farm technologies on smallholder farms throughout the country and just inaugurated a new research facility this year. Currently working in 13 provinces( including Huila, Narino, Cauca, Risaralda and Cesar), Colors of Nature and its nearly 1,200 smallholder farmers are producing up to 60 micro and 15 high-premium lots each year with majority of these coffees sold to Japan, Hong Kong, Australia  and North America.

With a portfolio that includes washed, naturals and honey processes; we are confident that CNC can provide the highest quality micro-lots from the region.  

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